Looking for guidance on losing or maintaining a healthy weight? With so much conflicting information available, it’s important to find a qualified health practitioner that can support you in finding the best way to achieve your goals.

Understanding your metabolism is the key to finding the diet and lifestyle options that suit you best. Not everybody burns energy as efficiently as they should, so it’s important to make certain assessments before you start on your weight loss journey. Stress, poor gut health, impaired detoxification processes, and sleep deprivation can affect metabolism and fat usage/storage drastically, so examining total body health in a holistic manner can greatly increase the chance of making successful changes. Nutritional/herbal supplementation is most beneficial to support metabolism, and meal replacement planning can be utilised to optimise protein intake and assist with cravings.

Tracking your progress helps to keep you motivated and on the right path. Body composition analysis assesses fat mass, muscle mass, fluid balance and cellular function to enable you to set tangible and achievable goals, as well as effectively monitor your results.

This clinic is a provider of the Shake It Weight Management Program, which is effective, sustainable and can result in weight loss of up to 2kg per week. This scientifically based weight loss program focuses on providing a healthy, nutritional and satisfying food intake, coupled with moderate exercise and support whenever you need it.

We also provide nutrigenomic testing which can help you establish your ideal diet, fitness regimen, and recommended supplements to support long term weight loss based on your individual genetic requirements. We can also help you discover how efficiently your body burns energy, and assess your risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. All this in one simple test!

Revive and Rejuvenate Wellness Clinic are experts in providing guidance, inspiration and support to help you achieve your wellness goals…..your success is our success! To attain the best possible results we offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly consultations, and free email support.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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