Kickstart your metabolism this Summer with a 1 hour metabolic analysis and health check.

Only $60 until the end of December!

Are you interested in finding out more about natural weight management? Have you had difficulty losing weight in the past, despite doing everything “right”? Do you feel like the “one size fits all approach” is just not for you?

Bioimpedance analysis is an accurate, effective and non-invasive method of determining body composition, providing information regarding active tissue mass and fluid composition that allows your qualified practitioner to provide personalised recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle to help you plan and achieve your wellness goals.

This one hour consultation will provide you with information regarding:

  • Why a personalised metabolic and nutritional assessment is essential to help you break through blocks that may have impeded your progress in the past.
  • How working with a qualified practitioner can provide you with support, motivation and drastically improve your chances for success.
  • How goal setting, accountability and the right tools are important components of your wellness journey and how to implement them effectively.
  • The benefits of personalised nutrition and how to discover what’s right for YOU!

All sessions are with experienced and qualified naturopath, Ruth. Her passion is to empower her clients with the knowledge and tools they need to truly understand and harness their innate healing ability. Like to know more? Feel free to get in contact using the form below, or email

Bookings can also be made online, please visit our Appointments page for more information.




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