Hormonal imbalances are startlingly common. Anxiety, irritability, fluid retention, painful periods, infertility and other unpleasant symptoms are an unfortunate occurrence for many modern women. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many beautiful herbs that can help smooth out those monthly blues or ease the transition into menopause. Chaste Tree, Peony, Wild Yam and Shatavari are some of the better known & researched herbs and are effective for correcting hormonal imbalances. Magnesium, essential fatty acids and antioxidants reduce pain and inflammation while working on ill health often brought about by stress, environmental toxins and poor gut function.

Diet is an important part of hormonal wellbeing that sometimes gets forgotten. One that is high in fresh food, good fats, low in processed goods and sugar is best to support hormonal health. Lifestyle adjustments can assist in reducing stress and optimising metabolism. Pathology testing is very useful for investigating hormonal imbalances, and we offer a variety of options for clients that would like to utilise this service.

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