Wellness Coaching & Consultations

At Revive & Rejuvenate, we like to think of health as an evolving “Wellness Journey”, one that has different requirements through each stage of life. Wellness coaching provides education, advice and support for individuals and families who are looking to holistically improve their health and fitness. The focus is on providing each client with personalised, tailored advice that allows you to set your own wellness goals and proceed at your own pace.

Wellness consultations are completely adaptable to your own requirements, so it can be a once off appointment, or an ongoing relationship that provides support and encouragement as you progress along your Wellness Journey.

Unlike traditional Naturopathic consultations, Wellness Consultations are not focused on prescribing herbal and nutritional medicines, but involve the following:

  • Wellness goal setting and analysis of obstacles to achieving them.
  • An open forum to ask all questions related to health and wellness.
  • Providing holistic education, advice and support.
  • Dietary and lifestyle guidance.
  • Individually designed programs.
  • Pathology testing IF requested or required.

How can Wellness Coaching benefit me?

A Wellness Consultation is designed to benefit everyone. Whether your goal is fertility, avoiding chronic disease, better gut health, improved mental and emotional wellbeing, weight loss, pain management, increased sports performance, improved immunity, stress support, family and children’s health, or just getting a good night’s sleep… we can help.

Advice and support

Wellness coaching aims to provide education to empower and facilitate change. Phone and email support during business hours is provided at no extra cost. Clients are encouraged to bring along as many questions as possible to consultations, along with any supplements, medications or recent pathology tests. Group consultations can be arranged for families/friends that would like to know how to support each other in their quest to achieve great health.

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