This 4 week program forms part of Project Wellness Support, a group of events specifically designed to address some of the most common health issues facing people today. Our gut health and digestive wellness support program has a strong focus on improving digestive health and removing uncomfortable, sometimes debilitating, digestive symptoms, helping clients to address these issues through diet, lifestyle and simple, natural and targeted interventions presented in a ‘masterclass’ format.

What you will gain from this program

We want our clients to feel empowered, gaining the knowledge to confidently manage their gut health, both now and for the long term. In addition, you will learn:

  • Address issues such as bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, food intolerances, allergies and other food associated symptoms by removing the root cause.
  • Heal your gut; repair impaired barriers (leaky gut), address bacterial and micro-organism imbalances to support the health of the microbiome, and reduce gut associated inflammation.
  • Experience improved digestion, energy, and freedom.

  • Learn about the link between mood and food, the gut-brain axis, stress and anxiety.
  • Discover the benefits of personalised nutrition and an individual approach to health and wellbeing.
  • Discover the benefits of harnessing your own innate healing ability; be accountable for your own health and wellbeing.
  • Address and reshape relationships with food.
  • Discover how to avoid the ‘one size fits all approach’ and find the solution that is unique and tailored for YOU.

We put you in the drivers seat.

We want our clients to feel empowered, so we make sure that a substantial amount of our sessions are devoted to helping you learn and understand more about your body as a whole, providing you with the knowledge to harness your own healing ability.

Gut issues can be frustrating and a source of stress and anxiety, especially when combined with confusing and contradictory approaches to gut health that seem to work for one person, but not another. This is why we apply a personalised approach, so that you receive the treatment that’s just right for you. We see many clients seeking a solution that is simple, yet something they can apply to their everyday life without making constant sacrifices. Great nutrition is at the heart of all our programs; we simply work out what’s best for you based on your symptoms, lifestyle and health history. We promote your right to learn and understand how your body works, it’s individual needs, innate healing ability and support personal accountability regarding health and wellbeing.

What’s involved

  • 1 x 1.5 hour initial one-on-one session with our registered and qualified naturopath, Ruth.
  • 3 x 30 minute weekly sessions (online/Skype consultations available).

For a weekly schedule of the topics we’ll be covering, please click the link below:

Weekly schedule – Gut and Digestive Health (PDF version)

Total cost of the program is $299 which may be paid following your first consultation or with weekly instalments.

To book, please contact Ruth on 0420 995 474 or email for further information.

Gut & Digestive Wellness Support Program






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